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Breaking News - DYNAMICS 2010 Team Celebration

The successful conclusion of a major event project always brings relief and great
satisfaction to the project team and leaders of the sponsoring organization.
The highly successful DYNAMICS 2010 Project Management Conference
in Istanbul, Turkey during 2- 3 April was no exception. The 11th DYNAMICS
conference was the largest one yet, with 350 attendees and more corporate
sponsors and exhibitors than before. The IPYD leaders and volunteers involved
managed to attract more international speakers, more local industry leaders and
more attention this year than ever, making the DYNAMICS 2010 conference one of
the largest project management events ever held in Istanbul.

According to Mr. Murat Erkan, PMP, IPYD President (pictured at right), “We had
a very active and motivated conference team this year. I was happy with how the
event was organized, and the reactions of those who attended, especially some
of the executives. I was also happy to have my employer Turkcell, the largest
mobile gsm operator company in Turkey, support the conference as sponsor and by
providing executive speakers.”

The DYNAMICS 2010 conference, organized by the Istanbul Project Management
Association (IPYD), was held at the 5-star Ceylan Intercontinental Hotel in Istanbul,
Turkey during 2-3 April. This was the 11th International Project Management
Symposium sponsored by IPYD and, with 350 attendees, the largest one yet.
Ms. Alev Akin (pictured at left), IPYD project manager for the conference,
stated, “Our team worked together very well this year and very hard. We were
happy to receive good support from corporate sponsors, and the international
speakers were also exceptional, and very interesting. I think it might be hard to
repeat this success next year, but we will try.”

Dynamics is the oldest and best established project management symposium
in Turkey. Every year this international symposium brings together prestigious
speakers from various sectors and countries to present different topics related
to the theme of that year’s conference. It aims to promote professionalism and
quality in the practice of project management in Turkey. For information about the
conference, visit

For more news from Dynamics 2010 please visit here.

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