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Corporate Membership

Dear Project Management Association Members:

After reaching a membership exceeding 500 experts from various sectors, IPYD has decided to offer “Corporate Memberships”. With this synergy, IPYD’s Corporate Members can find an environment to share their most critical project management knowledge and experience with IPYD members. The scope of this membership, which will provide advantages at many activities, including “Dynamics”, the National Project Management Congress, will be announced and promoted on IPYD’s website. IPYD’s Corporate Membership will allow you to gain prestige, not only by benefitting from IPYD’s unparalleled pool of experience and activities, but also with of foreign partners.


Dear Members:

It is our belief that the environment of support and synergy that will occur among IPYD and organizations will be made through the contributions and support of all our members. By passing on information to managers in their respective organizations, and by enabling them to meet with us, members will render privileges for their own membership conditions, as well as making the road to Corporate Membership easier.


Corporate Membership Package Details:


A “Corporate Membership” will be provided with individual memberships to those in the organization. Due to this reason, there must be at least 4 individual members (one of those 4 individuals being you).


Corporate Membership Package Benefits:

4 free memberships to Specific Interest Groups, a 50% discount to the Dynamics Congress for the 4 people listed on your Corporate Membership, a link to your company on our website, and the opportunity to take place in the Corporate Membership stand that will be at the Dynamics Congress. Membership cost: 5000 TL and Member Login Cost: 5000 TL.  Should your efforts to have a corporate participation succeed, you will be one of the 4 people in the Corporate Membership. This way, your membership dues will be paid for through the corporate package and you will have the privileges of the corporate membership. We believe that together, we will be successful on the subject of Corporate Membership, and thank you in advance for your interest. Respectfully yours…. Please contact us to learn more about our Corporate Membership package.


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