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Individual Membership

Conditions for Membership:

IPYD created the Ethical Rules for Membership with the goal of defining and finding acceptance for project management as a career as well as developing the professionalism and quality in project management. IPYD members accept that they will abide by these rules.

Ethical Rules for Membership:

To act with complete integrity in professional conduct To be fair, honest and open in professional conduct To carry responsibility in professional conduct I accept that I will safeguard the timeliness of my professional knowledge and skills The membership dues for 2023 is 500 TL. In order to continue membership, existing members must renew their dues in the month of January. According to the decisions made at the  Board Meeting on 14.12.2022, if dues are paid in January - June, 500 TL will be collected, if paid during July - September, 250 TL will be collected, and if dues paid during October - December, 125 TL will be collected. Payments should be made to the following account: Garanti Bankası Kızıltoprak Şubesi 6200675 IBAN: TR 91 0006 2000 7190 0006 2006 75 Account Name :Istanbul Proje Yonetim Dernegi In order for the association to make you a member, you must send in the membership form, and include the payment receipt and 2 copies of your photograph to the Association’s Office. Related Files:

Individual Membership Application Form

Bireysel Üyelik Başvuru Formu

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